Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's been a long time since I've had butterflies over a guy, but this last week has been a little surreal and more than once, I felt like I had a belly full of flutterbys... I don't really get terribly sentimental, as I've said before, but Firefighter stepped up his game this weekend and left me wondering if maybe he is changing his view on relationships.

Friday night I decided to take myself out to dinner as he was going to meet up with friends. I went to my (and now his) favourite steak restaurant. I've taken him there a bunch, but have gone solo or with my sister the last 3 times, which sort of upset him. So I hadn't told him ahead of time, and when he texted to find out what I was up to, he was quietly upset that I went without him yet again. Only this time he mentioned that he was sorry he couldn't afford to take me there more often. I've often wondered if it bothered him that I make probably double (at least) what he makes, but he's a single guy, while I have 3 kids and a mortgage, so it's only more on paper... This was the first set of butterflies. That he cared enough to want to take me places.

We had a date set for Saturday night. I was taking him back to the Wine bar where we had our first 'solo' date. He asked me Friday night if I wanted to come over and spend the day with him first, so I told him I had some errands and would let him know after I got done. It apparently also irked him that I managed to pick up a lawnmower and get it in my car when he had offered multiple times to pick it up in his truck. I can't seem to be less independent. So I got to his around 11am after picking up some lunch and we just chilled with some movies and Duck Dynasty (his new hobby is duck hunting, so he's at level Obsessive with all things hunt related). I napped, lol. Although Duck Dynasty is hilarious and I do enjoy shooting. Targets, not ducks though. Or anything else with a heartbeat. So I had brought a change of clothes to go out and brought the bag in to get ready around 5pm. We decided on a Thai\sushi restaurant for dinner that was on the way. Previously, on our trip to Atlanta, or the beach, he has posted pics to Instagram and left me out of the comments as if he had gone alone. This had sort of irked me. It's usually a sign of where you stand if he's not worried about publicizing that he is out with someone. So Saturday he ordered 'Salmon Lover's' sushi and posted a pic on IG (I must admit, sushi is presented nicely) with a comment:

And then he pulled my usual stunt with the bill. While I was boxing my leftovers (I had enough chicken fried rice to feed a small village), he paid. Second set of butterflies. I fussed at him, since I had asked him out, but he said I could pay for the wine. And then while I was teasing him about balancing his checkbook while still at the table, he said "Well, you have more money than I do, you don't need to worry about it." So, the money thing makes him uncomfortable. I'll work on fixing that.

We moved on to the wine bar, where I ordered a bottle. He was driving so when it came down to who was finishing the last of it, he said I should, but I reminded him that I had to drive home from his place... which is where he laid the smackdown on me. I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that I am welcome (and somewhat expected) to stay at his place, whenever I like. More warm and fuzzy feelings. I was then told to adjust 'my' side of his sleep number bed, which I did and slept incredibly well.

Sunday dawned, he got up and showered first and let me 'lay-in' until 7am, and then we went to church together. The day took a down turn when I got a monstrous migraine after mowing the yard. Yes Baby Girl was supposed to do it, but she bitched and moaned about the heat. So by the time 3pm rolled abound and I had showered and started cooking, I was well and truly on my way to oblivion. By 5pm even thinking hurt, by 6pm I was in my darkened room asking my BFF to look after my guests. At 6:30 Firefighter offered to drive to pick up my sons from their dad and by 8:30, I was knocked out, thankfully. I hate that my cookout had to end prematurely, but given that it's Tuesday and I'm still in pain, it was necessary. Monday was spent on the couch. With Firefighter who had had a shitty morning on the first day of hunting season. Four hours and they didn't let off a single shot.

Over the weekend, his niece and one of his colleagues added me to their Instagram. It seems so trivial, but it's almost like being slowly integrated into his world. It's kind of nice. His 40th is coming up in December and I offered to babysit his friends daughter when (if) they drive up for his birthday. His response "NO! You're not going to be babysitting, you're going to be with us. Why would you say that?" Uh, because it's in December and I have no idea how long he is planning on keeping me around? It's weird planning things with him months in advance under the guise of remaining 'casual'. We haven't spent the last couple of Friday's together and this weekend is my weekend with my boys, which means no sleepovers. He still managed to find a way to invite me over (to set up his new router), which could have been done Saturday before we go to my girlfriends birthday party.

Oh, but he dropped the 'G' word... all on his own.

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