Thursday, September 19, 2013


Every now and then I get a little chill when I look at my family. Yes, I have two boys that sometimes I'm fairly sure are intentionally trying to drive me to the Nut House, and Baby Girl, who is trying to drive me to the Poor House, but every now and then.... just a little chill because I love them all so dearly.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am not feeling well. I can't put a name to it or any real symptoms except for extreme exhaustion and mild 'other' symptoms that come and go. And for the last two weeks I have been trying to get the house ready for the holidays (i.e. new toys). I do it every year. Just blitz everything and take it to Goodwill, or have a yard sale. Usually I attempt this massive task by myself, but this year I decided that they are all more than old enough to 'help'. The boys room now looks worse than before they started, they've taken TWO garbage bags full of crap out... and I'm sure there's more.  "Crap" includes Happy Meal type toys, food wrappers (yes, imagine that, they ignore the no-eating-upstairs rule), broken toys etc. And then the rest they are supposed to sort into 'sellable', 'keep', 'donate' piles... So far, it's one massive pile - all over the floor!

So last night, they made a sizable dent in the mess and we're reduced down to allocating new homes for the toys they are keeping, deciding what can be sold and re-organizing their closet. It's exhausting, daunting and I'm not enjoying it, and I was so tired last night that I collapsed on their bean bag with a glass of wine and took a nap while the boys 'tidied' their room (sounded more like playing to me), Onyx climbed up and dozed on my shoulder and Baby Girl cleaned the bathrooms. They didn't even pester me for dinner until it was almost 8pm. It's these moments that I realise how special they are. Genuinely exhausted, struggling to be the best parent I can be, there are times when they stop being brats and turn into lovely little humans...

That being said, while 'tidying' their room, they dragged out their Kung Zhu pets... these resemble hamsters and make little squeaky noises... so we decided to see if Onyx liked them. I see much hilarity in my future watching the silly bugger chasing these around...

So now I just have to get through today after waking up at 1:30am... the drive home from Wilson will be a long one. I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow. I have no plans at all that do not include my sofa, my TV and a bottle of wine :-)

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