Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Man Crush LOL

Sooooo... today's post is all about Firefighter, just because this makes me laugh every time it comes up. I tease him mercilessly, but he takes it on the chin.

There is a guy who works at the same company as Firefighter. Not in the same department and in fact, they don't even really have a reason to cross paths very often, but whenever this guy sees Firefighter he stops and chats. He has on occasion made sure that he is in the on-site cafe at the same time and made an immediate beeline for Firefighter's table. He even makes him his 'special chili'...

A few months ago he bought a new TV and asked Firefighter to help him carry it into his apartment. Now we had plans that day, so I said it was fine to wait until he had heard from Friend (we'll call him that, because it amuses me). Friend wasn't entirely sure when he was going to get the TV, so we were on hold waiting for a phone call. Here's where it gets funny. Firefighter would normally tell me that he would let me know when he was done with whatever favour he was helping with, and I think we were going to dinner so it was no big deal to have to wait a lil bit, but instead this time he told me to come over to his place anyway and we would go out from Friend's place.... Safety in numbers, ya think? That's exactly what it was. Every step of the way he let Friend know that we had plans and couldn't stay etc etc.

Now Firefighter wasn't entirely convinced Friend was gay. I hadn't even met the guy and I already knew from what I had been told. And it was easy to see he has a huge crush on Firefighter. His face when he met me was priceless. Firefighter has never introduced anyone he's dating to his colleagues, or even his family, so he gets teased by the ladies at work about me all the time, but Friend was crestfallen to see a living breathing female accompanying his crush. He covered it up well. Was friendly and cordial, even loaned me one of his movies...

So today is his birthday. Last year he bought Firefighter a watch for his birthday. Yeah, that's what I thought. Firefighter didn't realise the implications of receiving a fairly personal, and not inexpensive, gift from another man who was not related to him. On Saturday, he asks me what to get Friend for his birthday, so I go through the usual male gift list: sports paraphernalia, restaurants, gadgets etc. He's apparently not into any of the usual, male-approved gift options... He likes candles and incense, I could have bought him a gift easily if he was my friend, but he's not.... so by Sunday afternoon, we still hadn't come up with anything, so I told him he would have to just go with a gift card. Impersonal, no mixed signals, easy. So he bought him a Tropical Smoothie gift card because that is a place that Firefighter knows he likes to go to.

Firefighter turns 40 in December. I can't wait to see what gift he gets. I may have competition!! And that's a-whole-nother post....

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