Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's not even 8am yet...

Sooooo.... I haven't been feeling well the last couple days. Actually it's been a few weeks, but I've been up and down, good days and bad. Anyway, the last couple of evenings, I've been in bed, knocked out well before 9pm. This morning, my alarm goes off at 4:30am as usual. I hit snooze twice, and then woke up properly at 5am, did my usual perusal of emails and messages that I missed from the overnight. (I put my phone on block between 9:30pm and 6am or I'd never get any peace) and then rolled out of bed around 5:30am. So I go to wake the kids up and Baby Girl is not in her bed... yep, she slept downstairs again. Now this is something that I have been annoyed with her over for some time now, so I have now said that I will take her TV from her room if she does it again... This morning I have to take her to school early for band practice, so in my head I have the logistics worked out:

Leave home by 6:25am to get the boys to the bus at 6:45am
Head straight over to get Baby Girl to school by 7am, which is on the way to the Wilson office... I should get to work before 8am.

Here's what happened:

5:50am Lil One was told repeatedly to put a shirt on.
6am Bad Boy was up and dressed with minimal fuss (miracles occasionally happen)
Baby Girl took her obligatory 30+ minutes in the bathroom
6:10am Onyx scampered around distracting everyone in turn, so I picked her up and put her on my bed to keep her out of the kids way. She promptly peed on my comforter.
6:22am Baby Girl finally comes downstairs to feed Onyx
The boys are in the car waiting (it's now 6:25am)
Baby Girl loads my comforter into the trunk and off we go. It's 6:32am

We miss the boys bus by 2 minutes.... damn red lights
I drive to Baby Girl's school. It's 7:00am, too early to let her out, we sit and play games. I turn to look at Lil One.... he's still wearing only his undershirt.... I yelled at him no less (but probably more) than 4 times to get a shirt on and yet, here he is grinning at me from the back seat....
At 7:10am I evict Baby Girl from the car and head into rush hour traffic to get the boys to school.
7:45am We pull up just as the final bell rings. Yay, no tardy for them! I then head to Walmart to pick up a shirt for Lil One. I spend $45... (Damn you Walmart!!) in 5 minutes. Head back to school and drop off the shirt to a very amused school office.

So no drive into Wilson today, I head to the Raleigh office...

I arrive at around 8am....

Firefighter texted to say good morning and ask how I'm feeling. I tell him I'm going to the doctor today. I probably won't but he fusses... Then he tells me to text when I'm not busy. Hah!! I share the awesome news that my calendar is full from 10am-4pm... but I'll still find time to chat with him.

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