Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome Onyx

So yesterday was one Helluva crazy day!! But it was awesome all the same.

I came up with 5 different name options for the new kitten: Onyx, Wicca, Jynx, Ashes and Sweets. I sent them to Firefighter and asked him which was his favourite. This was done on purpose. I had a feeling I might need a tie-break!! The boys were a mix of excited and happy when they got home and found we had adopted a new family member. So I gave all three of them the 5 names to choose from and this is how it went:

Lil One: Onyx
Bad Boy: Ashes
Baby Girl: Ashes
Me: Onyx

So we did indeed need the tie-break. Firefighter had opted for...


He picked at me a little bit because I hadn't told him that I had taken the kitten home, but I guess that's because I still don't know quite what the boundaries are. He had pestered me for a while about getting a dog for the kids. Anyway, he was actually happy about the new addition and grilled me about her the whole evening. He also decided on where she should sleep. My room, lol!

$94 later spent at PetSmart and Onyx now has a potty, food and water dishes, collars and toys and food! We haven't bought her a bed yet as the vet was only 90% sure she was a girl, but we're happy Onyx is unisex enough to keep the name either way. And she's only, approximately 4 weeks old!

Skittish, she hides a lot, but she is starting to come out and explore. She sleeps A LOT. At 4:30am this morning she was wandering around my bed like she owned the place!! I still have some apprehension over how long before she does something to annoy me, but so far Baby Girl is all about the care and keeping of Onyx and the boys have agreed to pitch in.

We will see how that goes...

She has pooped though... once in the guest bath tub downstairs (no one uses it anyway) and this morning on my sectional (that I plan on giving to DoucheBag at some point anyway). <Sigh> Stil working on getting her in the litter box...

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