Saturday, September 28, 2013

No interpretation needed

Ok, so here's the update to my last post.

With a little Dutch courage I was able to find an appropriate time to fling out the statement that if the distance was becoming a problem, he needs to let me know. So after he gave me a playful nudge he said he just wishes we were closer, so I told him he should move next time his lease is up for renewal... I got a "mmhmm" with a smile in response. And then I let it drop.

The other fun topic was the pic his nephew posted of himself in skinny jeans. Something we both intensely dislike. Apparently I have to be the one to tell his nephew next time I see him that they're not cute... smh. And ladies, if you're curvy OR stick-thin, you shouldn't wear them either. The only body type that suits them is long-legged, Tom-boy figured girls. Like Baby Girl...

So anyway, his lease isn't up until May 2014. A lot of things can change between now and then...

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