Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy Day! And it's only lunchtime!

My day so far:

6: 45am Made it to the boys bus stop ON TIME
7:10am Dropped Baby Girl at Pep Band practice
            Spent 50 minutes at the gym
8:10am Picked Baby Girl up from practice
9:00am Dealt with DirecTV tech and now have 4 working boxes again (YAY!)
10:30am Picked up a new kitten
12:00pm And finally made it to work.

Yes, that's right a new kitten. Me who hates pets... She's so darn cute!! A neighbour found her abandoned in some bushes in our neighbourhood. She's is the tiniest little thing. So I've left her at home with a very excited Baby Girl! It was an impulse, but the kids have been asking, Firefighter has been hinting and ok, so I caved... It's a cat. They're so much easier than dogs!!

And then after work it's pick up the boys, get them haircuts (picture day tomorrow), get them home for dinner and homework, finish the overhaul of their room and then head out for my neighbour's 21st birthday celebration around 10:30pm .... phew! Exhausted much? Yes!!

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