Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling positive

So I've been feeling a little off lately... I've been itching to get out more, but everyone seems to be busy or simply forgets that I exist...

I've been wanting to see a few movies, maybe have a few drinks, but got no response when I invited others out. I guess that's a negative effect of having spent all my weekends with Firefighter, but still, I sometimes feel like I only get invited out when it's someone's birthday or special occasion. Rarely is it just because.

But then the "Director of First Impressions" at my last company (yes, she named herself that as the receptionist and I think it's awesome, so she shall be known as the Director), sent me a few messages wanting to have Baby Girl over for a sleepover with her teen daughter. For a whole weekend! She asked if it would be ok... ummmm... Hell Yeah!! So I asked if this upcoming weekend was too soon, since the boys will be with their dad, and I would bring a bottle of wine so we can have a catch up. We chatted on the phone for a bit, but now I have some company to look forward to! She is doing amazingly well. She had been going through a struggle with her daughter's father to get the visitation that had been ordered by the court and I had provided her with the necessary forms, information and motivation to get it done! And she goes to court Thursday to get it enforced!! I couldn't be happier for her, so hopefully Friday will be celebratory as well!!

Ok, I over-did the !'s but I am just that happy for her.

I'm also back in court this week, but we've had to file for a continuance, so it's just a formality... Hopefully. And then next week, I am a witness for the prosecution in Douchebag's stalking trial. I'm a little nervous, but also glad to finally get it over with. I'm apprehensive about the outcome. I sincerely hope, with all the domestic-related murders in recent years, that they take this seriously. Is he at risk of pulling a gun on me, or dismembering my body and tossing it in a 'gator infested creek in Texas? Probably not, but he is a danger to my sanity and is disrupting the harmony I should be entitled to live in. My decision to divorce him does not give him the right to harass me unchecked for as long and however he pleases....

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