Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You might be a wine-aholic....

Sooooo.... I've started buying wine by the case for two reasons:
1. It's less expensive
2. My favourite wine can only be bought locally at Total Wine, and they tend to run out very quickly, so I'm lucky if I can get a bottle every couple of weeks...

Last night I put my last bottle in the fridge to chill.

Today I decided to call ahead and ask if they have some in stock. They started the day with two cases, so Tom the Salesguy asked if I wanted him to hold a case. Well, of course I do! So then he asks for my name...

I give him my last name... He responds "Oh of course!"

Ugh!! Drink here much?? They recognise my name over the phone?

Bless his heart he tried to help me out and tell me he recognised the accent, but same difference, right?

So now they know me by name at my local Total Wine... Fabulous...

Who cares. I still get my case of wine this evening ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toilet Paper

I love my brats.

Really I do.

But it always boggles my mind that the only place they seem able to find toilet paper is in my  bathroom!! So after a night of heavy drinking (there were 4 empty bottles of wine when I went downstairs this morning and only two of us drinking them...) I go into my bathroom to find the roll missing from the holder and from the cupboard!! I mean really? WTF?

For the record.... There are 20 rolls in the pantry downstairs....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family time

This weekend was full of ups and downs. The boys constant squabbling, Baby Girl almost ran away, but we still managed to have an awesome time at the circus.  Firefighter got wasted watching the UNC-Dook game and was hungover Sunday. I made pancakes, eggs, sausages and bacon for breakfast before watching movies with Firefighter all day before dinner with his sister and brother-in-law. By the end of Sunday, I was pooped but happy :-)

It's been a long time coming, but I actually felt pretty good for the first time in forever.

So the kids are all in bed and I get to chillax watching Parenthood on Netflix even though I know I should be asleep.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sweet Revenge

There are days I LOVE being a mum!!

Like snow days that happen on a Saturday...

Baby Girl has been challenging lately. Rebellious. So when she had a snow day scheduled for this morning and the boys and I did not, I thought it poetic justice that we would be lounging in bed while she went to school for a few hours... Sucked only a little bit that I had to get up at 6am to make sure that she got to the bus - no way was I getting dressed to drive her.

So at 6am, I go bang on her door and generally make a lot of annoying noises until she went in the bathroom.... While I checked my email on my phone. And saw that the snow day had been canceled.

Ahhhhhh sweet revenge... I may have waited 20 minutes before telling her :-) Oooopps!!

Then when I did tell her, she comes in my room and says "what do I do now? I'm wide awake."

Mission accomplished!

"You could finish the chores you didn't do yesterday or all last week...."
"Can I make pancakes?"
"Sure... for everyone."

And I settled back down to watch Law and Order SVU on DVR.

Love Saturday mornings with my brats!!

Now if only she would be dressed and ready to go to the circus with the rest of us by the time Firefighter gets here at 1pm...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not Fair

Although some might describe me as extrovert, I actually cringe at being the center of attention, but I still get jealous at public marriage proposals.

I was never proposed to. Not officially. And I never got an engagement ring. So when I see these guys going out of their way to publicly declare their love for their fiancees, the inner girl in me wonders why it was never her.

That's probably why I have chosen to enter a pseudo-relationship with someone who has repeatedly declared that they never want to marry. It insulates me from the disappointment that I will never be that girl.

Don't get me wrong. This is not a pity party. I just don't seem to be the type of girl that brings out the romantic in the guys I date. In 11 years with Douchebag, he only bought me diamond earrings for my first birthday with him... after that, he either came up with last minute dinner plans or some lame gift. He used to send me flowers when I was 3000 miles away, but when I was 5 miles away... he would forget to call to cancel plans, or show up late - hours late - with no apology. He only bought me lingerie after I got a restraining order... 10 years into the relationship and as it was ending. Talk about Too Late! And yes, I still question my sanity in deciding to stay in that relationship as long as I did!

I did meet one guy recently who gave me beautiful pink roses after our second dinner date, and was too embarrassed to ask me to a military ball with him (but he has managed to ask me on several dates, yes, weird). He's a great guy. Attentive and considerate, but sadly I'm not at all physically attracted to him. Any other time, I would have let that cloud my judgement, but we have a lot in common with the military background and have great conversations. He checks on me daily and remembers things I've told him, so I've stepped outside my comfort zone and decided to see where it leads. (He's also the first to not make any inappropriate overtures and respects my position as a single mother).

I had almost given up on dating, but decided to go on just one more when he asked me to dinner a couple of weeks ago. So maybe there'll be more flowers in my future....

And I'm looking forward to going to the ball!