Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You might be a wine-aholic....

Sooooo.... I've started buying wine by the case for two reasons:
1. It's less expensive
2. My favourite wine can only be bought locally at Total Wine, and they tend to run out very quickly, so I'm lucky if I can get a bottle every couple of weeks...

Last night I put my last bottle in the fridge to chill.

Today I decided to call ahead and ask if they have some in stock. They started the day with two cases, so Tom the Salesguy asked if I wanted him to hold a case. Well, of course I do! So then he asks for my name...

I give him my last name... He responds "Oh of course!"

Ugh!! Drink here much?? They recognise my name over the phone?

Bless his heart he tried to help me out and tell me he recognised the accent, but same difference, right?

So now they know me by name at my local Total Wine... Fabulous...

Who cares. I still get my case of wine this evening ;-)

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