Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sweet Revenge

There are days I LOVE being a mum!!

Like snow days that happen on a Saturday...

Baby Girl has been challenging lately. Rebellious. So when she had a snow day scheduled for this morning and the boys and I did not, I thought it poetic justice that we would be lounging in bed while she went to school for a few hours... Sucked only a little bit that I had to get up at 6am to make sure that she got to the bus - no way was I getting dressed to drive her.

So at 6am, I go bang on her door and generally make a lot of annoying noises until she went in the bathroom.... While I checked my email on my phone. And saw that the snow day had been canceled.

Ahhhhhh sweet revenge... I may have waited 20 minutes before telling her :-) Oooopps!!

Then when I did tell her, she comes in my room and says "what do I do now? I'm wide awake."

Mission accomplished!

"You could finish the chores you didn't do yesterday or all last week...."
"Can I make pancakes?"
"Sure... for everyone."

And I settled back down to watch Law and Order SVU on DVR.

Love Saturday mornings with my brats!!

Now if only she would be dressed and ready to go to the circus with the rest of us by the time Firefighter gets here at 1pm...

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