Monday, September 9, 2013

Setting the Rules of a Flirtationship

So I came across a pic on Facebook this weekend that accurately describes what Firefighter and I have. It was actually just words: FLIRTATIONSHIP; More than a friendship, less than a relationship. It still feels like it lessens the fact that we have strong feelings for each other, but it's better than "Casual friends" which is what we had previously used.

We had a comfortable weekend though. Some might say almost domesticated. It was my weekend with my sons after three weekends without them, but Firefighter still managed to finagle a way to get me to come over Friday night, ostensibly to set up his new router.... I had only planned to set it up, have maybe one drink and then head back home. But Friday morning he asked if pizza was ok for dinner. I chuckled to myself at his attempt at subtlety. When I arrived at his place around 7 on Friday and asked where the new router was, he grinned and said it was already set up. 'Someone' had told him it was easy... So I asked if it was painful admitting that I had been right, lol.

My usual habit is to drink 2-3 glasses of wine, sometimes he breaks out the Goldschlager, but I had already said that I couldn't stay since Baby Girl was babysitting the boys, so when I had got 2/3 of the way through my second glass and he tried to pour me another, I had to remind him that I had to drive. I was somewhat surprised when he looked disappointed, but I ended up taking a short, post-coital nap anyway. He had made an attempt at sexting this week. He's kinda shy, and my previous attempts have been mostly PG-13, however, by the time 'bedtime' rolled around, to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement... the teasing definitely kicked things up a notch!

Saturday was a busy day for me with hair appointments, trips to the mall, cleaning at home and then chasing the kids to get their messes cleaned up, then dinner with Firefighter, my BFF and her boyfriend before we all headed to another BFF's birthday party. Being the 'old folks' at the party, we were both ready to leave by 11pm, so we went back to his place. I tried to leave, but then he asked if I was going to come hangout for a bit, but when we got inside instead of heading for the couch, he headed for the bedroom... I laid fully dressed and dozed in and out for a few hours, he went to sleep. I got up to leave around 2am when he went for a bottle of water. He wasn't pleased when I showed up in the kitchen dressed to leave, which brings me to Sunday...

Football is back and I am oh-so-happy! Firefighter came over at lunch and we hunkered down with chips and dip, wine, etc... The kids had trashed their room and the loft, so I kicked them out. It was a beautiful day with no reason for them to be inside. The early games were kind of slow, so we chit-chatted about the party the night before, his friend who's birthday is tomorrow (will tell you about that), and then some upcoming plans for football games, birthdays etc and how to work out the logistics. It was chilled, and normal, and it was 'we' not 'I' or 'you'.

I know the day will come when we have to make a decision, but until then, as long as we can deal with the 40 minute drive and my crazy schedule, at least we both are happy.

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