Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whooooooooo!!! Hold me back.....!!

I don't usually lose it over stupidness, but I swear. This last week showed me that there are just some people that I don't need to keep in my life. Sadly, I am referring to Mrs Nash.

I've always known that she is high maintenance, but this week she took it to a whole nother level and I just don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

The plan was to take me out for MY birthday dinner and we were going to include our respective significant others (her husband, my Firefighter) in dessert and a movie (The Best Man Holiday). I should preface this with the fact that had I not posted on Facebook about going to see the movie with Ms Pope, H and others, she would never have even said anything.

So for two days, we went back and forth about what the arrangements would be. I say back and forth, it was mostly Mrs Nash, in typical fashion, being unable to commit. Whatever timing she suggested, I went along with. I have the text messages to prove it. The only stipulation I had was that Firefighter is not a night owl and prefers to be in bed before 11pm, if possible, before church on Sunday.... Long story short, Mrs Nash claimed that it was just too complicated and we should just try another time.....

My opinion? She has a better 'offer' from other friends.

Why would I say this?

Well, I had canceled not only plans to go zip lining with my daughter, but also let Firefighter down.... Luckily, I made minor back up plans to take myself to see Last Vegas, so after a lazy day watching Skyfall with Lil One, I took myself out to the movies around 7pm. Firiefighter had arranged to meet some friends at a local sports bar. After 'fleeing' his place at 2:45am Saturday morning (I wasn't supposed to fall asleep there and he wasn't impressed I was leaving), I had only texted him to say good morning and then not spoken to him all day. I kinda figured he was irritated and still trying to emphasise the "casual" status, he was waiting for me to text first. I didn't :-)

My movie started around 7:45, I got a text from him at 8pm "Hello". Now usually, if I'm in the movies, he tells me to stop texting and let him know when I get out... Not this time. Even after I told him I was IN the movie, and to stop being rude to his friends, he continued to text and then asked if I wanted to stop by for a drink when I got out... So I figured he was trying to find out if I was on a date. I wasn't, but I considered faking like I was....

Anyway, I get to the bar and 5 minutes after I sit down, Mrs Nash walks through. Clearly knows I'm there as she looks right at me and waves... but has NO intention of coming over. So I wave her over and make a flippant joke about being stood up. Now those who know me, KNOW I am joking.... Mrs Nash KNOWS me.....

Sunday morning, right around 8:15 when she knows I'm in church, I get the bitchiest text message (Actually it was long enough to stretch over 8 messages) stating that I was the reason she didn't follow through. Well, I had posted a simple "Wow, that hurt my feelings" on Facebook after seeing her out with other friends... so her text basically stated that she didn't appreciate that. Uh Bitch, did I call you out? Do you have a guilty conscience? And that after all MY back and forth it was just too complicated.

No the real problem was that Firefighter and I did not want to fall in line with your plans as neatly as you liked. We wanted to go to an 8:15 showing instead of 9:15... That's it. Simple. Well, it was MY birthday. MY decision to even bother introducing you to him and I have to say that I was proud of the way he gave the cold shoulder when he was introduced. He and I agree on one thing. WE DON'T DO DRAMA. It's NOT all about you. We don't like negativity so if that's all you have, keep it moving. I have been through way too much to spend time on shit like this.

So I'm gonna stick with the real friends. Those who have the time and inclination to listen and be there for ME so that I can get through my struggles and be there for them during theirs.

And can I just add that Firefighter is fast becoming one of those friends that is there. Awesome conversation with him today.

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