Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blessing in Disguise

It has occurred to me, that by NOT being in an 'official relationship', that I will be saving quite a bit of cash... It's a cold hard way to look at it, but why should I put in and not get anything back?

Long known to be overly generous to my significant others, I guess now I get to be just a little on the selfish side. To sum it up, gifts to past lovers have included: surprise weekends in Paris, trips to London, Las Vegas, and Georgia, Cold Play tickets, $150 sneakers shipped halfway around the world, $150 cologne... need I go on? Of course none of that isn't something that anyone else can and has done before, but as just friends, I'm not obligated to wow him with extravagance.

So I have different levels of gift-giving. We've covered this before. Most of my family get gifts from Saks. Friends tend to get around $20-$30 if I'm feeling flush. Boyfriends..... Anywhere upwards of $100 or more.

I came shockingly close to buying Firefighter the 50" TV for his birthday that he has wanted for the last 3 months or so.... Other items on the list include tickets to the Cowboys-Redskins game in DC on December 22... Neither option is inexpensive.

But my guardian angel prevailed and prevented near disaster. Instead, I'll be buying him a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for his birthday and a nice pair of jeans for Christmas.

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