Tuesday, November 5, 2013

20 Gauge Fun!!

Firefighter took up a new hobby last year.... skeet shooting. Not an inexpensive hobby, but slightly less costly than the golf that he had taken up that summer. So he sold his left-handed golf clubs and bought a shotgun.

I'm not averse to shooting. I don't necessarily agree that everyone needs to have a gun in their home, particularly if there are children in the home (or crazy people), but recreationally I do enjoy a little shooting every now and then.

Although it had been more than 20 years since I'd last gone skeet shooting and probably 18 since I'd fired an AK47 at a target in Army Cadets, I still had a hankering to go with him one day, but it was his hobby and I didn't want him to take me if he didn't want to. So when he finally asked, I was secretly very happy he wanted to take me, and outwardly excited to get to go shooting!!

I had to make it to the range by 5:30pm so as not to hold the others up, so I left work at 4pm, picked up the boys from after-school care, ran by KFC for their dinner, dropped them off at home by 5pm and turned right around to head out to the range 40 minutes away... I had to change into my jeans on I540....

So after a brief safety lesson (there were 2 other beginners shooting with us), we started moving around the targets. I was the first of the beginners to hit one!! Yay me! Firefighter was pretty good, but he preened a little extra when he hit something, while still trying to play it cool... By the end of the 2 hours though, I was FREEZING and ready to go home to hot tea and my bed. I had hit about 12% of the clays, which wasn't too bad. Firefighter had hit maybe 50% and we'd caught video of each other, so it was a good 'date night'.

As we were getting the shells picked up and packing everything away, he said that he was stopping by the Subway near his apartment on the way home and going to the Starbucks next door and wanted to know what a good tea was, so of course I told him they do Early Grey. They do others too, but I couldn't remember what they were since I only drink Earl Grey. I shouted goodbye and hopped in my car. I drove the 40 minutes home, put the kettle on, chased the boys to bed and then climbed into mine and my fingers still hadn't thawed!!  I was so exhausted, and so cold I didn't even stop to think that I hadn't hugged him before I left.... Well, I got that thrown at me. As I was saying thanks and goodnight I got "And what kind of goodbye was that?" Obviously confused, I gave him "Huh? o_O" and he replied with "No hug... No kiss... Nothing lol just got in your car and left :-P" (the tongue sticking out was supposed to ease the blow. We all do it). So apparently the cold had addled my brain. I apologised. Several times. Truth be told, there were other people around and I never know if PDA is acceptable with him, so I figured it wouldn't be welcome. Anyway, I was knocked out by 9:25pm, lol. I was so exhausted, and so cold I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I think the lack of physical intimacy is starting to get to him though, since this morning he joked that since I wouldn't shoot his gun last night that he may not ask me to pull his trigger again.... with another tongue sticking out face. We didn't get any 'alone' time this weekend, and normally I would not very subtly hint at it, but I haven't this week. I didn't stay after dinner on Saturday and he texted me as I was on my way home that I could have. I don't know why I haven't.

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