Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holy Crap!!

They say the truth will out...

My Past is clearly not going away. Neither is Firefighter. And then there's my contact list...

My dilemma is.... I don't know. What is it?

I'm not in a serious relationship with Firefighter, so why do I need to feel guilty about playing the field? I don't, therefore I can. And probably will.

My Past. Well. I don't know what to say. He's angry that my youngest is not his. He's still angry that I did not go to Atlanta. Yes, that was brought up again today. I begin to believe that he really did intend to break off his engagement if I had just made the 6 hour drive. And you know what? There are days when I wish I had gone. But clearly he is not going away...

So given carte blanche to play the field. Hmmmmm... what to do, what to do??

I'm going to do what guys do. I'm going to play. Without conscience.

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