Monday, May 6, 2013

Wanted: Personal Assistant!

Trying to keep up with three kids, a full-time job, the house and bills and a happily busy social life is starting to get exhausting!! And now with summer right around the corner, I have to squeeze in a little gym time, trips to the beach, the zoo and whatever else might amuse my kids and my baby sister (not really a baby, she's 22) who is coming to stay with us for THREE months!


And the boyfriend, who is becoming a little bit more of a fixture :-) I have to find time to make a trip to the beach to meet his best friend and his wife with their newborn daughter. That was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one.

So the month of May includes the following:

  • My daughter's final band concert of the year
  • Yet another court hearing, this time Property Settlement. Their current offer does not quite fit my definition (or anyone else's) of EQUITABLE distribution!
  • Mother's Day (this is likely to be no different than any other day given that my kids are too young to do anything for me)
  • Patrice's housewarming... which apparently includes an after-party
  • The neighbourhood 'Spring Fling' which occurs on the same day as Patrice's housewarming
  • A trip to the beach to meet my firefighter's friends and their baby (let's hope I do not show any broodiness...)
I still haven't made the guest room habitable for my sister, so there'll be a month of furniture moving, cleaning and Lord knows what else to get that done, and somehow without letting my son's know why since they have no idea their aunt is coming for summer! How my daughter and I have kept it quiet this long, I will never know.

And then a seven day stretch of birthdays! My son, mum, aunt, niece, step-granddad, and sister. All between May 30 and June 6th! My sister arrives June 5th and then we roll straight into a crazy month of June.

No pressure. I need an extra 8 hours in each day, have 4 calendars to keep track of and never get to the bottom of any to-do list, but hey, what would I do with myself if I ever did? I could sleep, I guess.... that would be nice....

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