Monday, May 20, 2013

Robbing the little man

I am notoriously lazy when it comes to shipping packages. My family all know it, however, here's some justification for why.

Last week I purchased two Babar books for my cousin's son. I paid $41.11 at and they were delivered to my door by Fedex within 48 hours of me completing my order online. Shipping cost me $8. Impressive, huh?

This morning I took the package, unopened, to Fedex to forward it to my cousin in the UK. Price quote on a small package weighing 3.2lbs? $158 to arrive by Wednesday or Thursday.

I said thanks, but no thanks and took the package to the Post Office. Price quote for delivery in 6-10 days $53 (or $33 with no insurance, but I've seen how boxes are thrown around... I'll take the insurance). Well, let me see what offers. Exact same books, Shipping to the exact same address $11. I think I'll just order through and I have a friend's daughter's 1st birthday coming up, I'll re-purpose the other books as a gift to her.... I leave the post office while still using the Amazon app on my phone to complete the order. Damn! Delivery estimate: June 17 - July 3... I cancel that order. I'll check UPS when I return to my office since that's who Amazon uses.

I run another errand to cash a check at the bank. The check is issued by a bank I don't bank with. They want $7.50 to cash it. <sigh>

So by now, I've used up my entire lunch hour and have not had time to stop and eat. I return to my office and Gigi's cupcakes is in the foyer. I managed to get past them on my way out, but now I'm hungry and in a foul mood. I buy a cupcake. It has strawberries in it. They have anti-oxidants, therefore I tell myself it's moderately healthy. (Yes, I'm deluding myself, I know).

I go to, set up an account because apparently that's necessary when shipping internationally (!) and fill out the shipping information, follow the prompts through to the confirmation screen... $157. Uh, no. No. No. No. NO! I cancel. Well damn. What now?

I can't find the exact same Babar books I had previously ordered from Saks, so I choose 3 alternatives, still Babar, just different stories. Two are only available in paperback, so I've added a third to compensate. Final cost? $28.31 including NEXT DAY shipping since I am an Amazon Prime customer.

Yes, I too am wondering why I didn't just go to Amazon in the first place!

So if tells me they can ship two books weighing 3.2lbs to the UK for $11.... Why The Hell can't Fedex or UPS? Amazon is using UPS.... If I was a conspiracy theorist, I'd be blaming the government for.... well, I don't know what, I'm not a zealot, but I am curious as to how and why this makes sense. The post office is going out of business because people would rather pay 5 TIMES as much to get their packages to the same locations? The world has officially gone stark, raving, mad!!

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