Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Owie :-(

It's 3:40am. I've been awake since 2am. In so much pain, I can't get comfortable and it's too late (early?) to take something. Grrrrr!

Yesterday I decided I was going to try walking after work to see how my back and hip manage before my follow up today. My fear is they say they can't see anything wrong... However, on the way home firefighter decided he was coming over for dinner (he had originally said he was cutting his mum's grass, so now I feel guilty that he would rather come see me, but also flattered, lol). So I got home, Bad Boy had a counseling session while Little One helped me with the grill and ran to the grocery store with me. By the time I got back home and started dinner I had a dull ache in my back, then the hip started. Running in and out to the grill and getting dinner on the table took it's toll. My firefighter offered to help although I hadn't said anything, he could tell I was struggling, but I sucked it up and let him sit and watch the game. I sat down to eat finally after being on my feet for a couple hours and WOW! My hip and back were on fire!

I'd had wine so I didn't take anything and was so tired, after getting the boys to bed, I immediately fell asleep, but the pain woke me after just a few hours. So I've been tossing and turning ever since. The heat pad is downstairs.  The thought of sitting at my desk tomorrow fills me with fear (and pain). I have done as I was told and not done any running since the 10 miler, and yet everyday tasks render me useless in debilitating pain! The Colour Vibe 5k is in 5 weeks... not to mention several long distance road trips back and forth to Georgia. It's not looking good :'(

I've been a runner for over 20 years. Suffered pretty much every injury and recovered well from each one. To be caused so much pain from one man's temper just makes me more angry than I can put into words.

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