Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

So I went to the movies with Firefighter last night. He's a HUGE horror movie fan, me not so much, but I've been to see plenty of 'his' movies, so this time, it was my turn. Star Trek Into Darkness. Yes, I'm a Trekkie. I have the collector's edition box set of the original movies on Blue Ray. Captain James T. Kirk is my hero.

His objection to sci-fi is he doesn't like too much CGI (that's Computer Generated Images), however that is what I love most about the newer movies out today (the geek in me). I think it's the little difference's that are making this work between us. While we have TONS in common, we still have a few small differences that we each respect in each other. Anyway. He has never seen ANY of the Star Trek movies. Yes, I was flabbergasted too. Lucky for him, I have that box set... Well, the movie was awesome! I loved every second and almost went home to watch Wrath of Khan just so I could remind myself of the future... Maybe sometime this weekend. I will definitely be going to see it in IMAX 3D when the crowds die down a little...

And bless his heart he managed to stay awake through the whole movie! He had been awake since 4am, worked a full day and was noticeably tired, but he pulled through for me. :-) (Yes, the irony that I get up around 5am everyday, chase 3 kids and work full-time is not lost on me, but he really does not do well if he has to stay up past 9pm...).

So before I had left the kids at home, I told them that if they wanted to go see Ironman 3 (the boys) and go to a friends pool party (Baby Girl), that the house would need to be immaculate when I got home... And damned if they hadn't cleaned everything and even vacuumed!! So I guess I'll be going to my third movie in a week at some point this weekend :-/

So chillaxin' at home with the brats and Firefighter this evening, Spring Fling at the neighbourhood pool, house-warming party and dinner with Firefighter tomorrow, Ironman 3 and pool (?) party (Baby Girl not me!) etc on Sunday.... I'm knackered just thinking about it!

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