Friday, May 3, 2013

Evil 151... I am not as young as I used to be...

I've missed playing pool and have recently decided to return to my local Alehouse for a little R&R and friendly yet competitive pool. I'm not the best player in there, but I'm also definitely not the worst.... After spending the early evening cleaning and chasing the kids to get their homework done, I decided to go out and take a couple of hours to myself. When I arrived, Harry was already on one of the tables playing Butch. These two are probably my favourites. There were two 'young'uns' also hanging around the table, so when Butch beat Harry, they had quarters down and picked up their cues to play. Since they both moved to the table Butch thought they wanted to play doubles, so he let them rack up and came over to say hi.... during which 2 minute time span, they proceeded to start playing. Each other. Yes, they stole Butch's table. Well they were horrendous and the game took FOREVER, but it was fun entertainment watching them miss shots right in front of the pocket, nudge solids out of the way to sink the cue ball.... Anyway, we ended up being not very subtle and hinting that there were real players who wanted to get on the table. Harry and Butch suggested I play Kenny, who works there, but had knocked off earlier. I have never played Kenny before, but he's pretty good and the games went back and forth. By about the third game, Kenny suggested we do a shot. Well, being a rum drinker, I didn't want to mix, so I opted (yes, voluntarily) for Bacardi 151.

I now hate Kenny.

For the record. I used to drink 151 regularly with little or no ill-effects... just some minor memory loss of everything beyond the the consumption of the 4th or 5th shot.... Last night I had one (very large) shot. I woke up feeling ok. I showered, dressed, took the boys to the bus. All ok. As I was driving to the office, I received a not welcome email from my lawyer. So I'm not sure which created the headache. The ridiculous settlement offer from my ex (ridiculous because it defies the description of EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION), or the single shot of 151.... We will never know for sure. Unless I take another shot. Which probably won't happen.

We will discuss the "Equitable Distribution" another time. Like maybe when he and his lawyer learn the definition of EQUITABLE. Hell might very well be frozen by then.

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