Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back on Track... sort of.

Last night I managed to do the Jillian Michaels Max Abs workout :-) I even managed the sumo squat! Only minor discomfort this morning and my back is a little 'achy' after I walked just under a mile this morning, but that's all expected.

The workout wasn't quite what I wanted it to be.... Bad Boy and Little One both decided to 'workout' with me... Between having to stop and try to correct their posture and laughing at their attempts to one-up each other with my hand weights, I didn't really get much done. Next time I will go first and let them go after me while I cool down, I can work with them. SMH.

So, this morning I got to work feeling super confident. A couple of the ladies here are trying to shed a few pounds and have created their own 'support group' complete with weekly weigh-ins. I decided to join them since I gained 6 or 7lbs back over the last 4 weeks while waiting for my diagnosis. I weighed in last week at 169lbs with jeans etc on... so today I wore a skirt and top of very light fabric.

And weighed in at 171lbs :-/ WTF?

So off I trot at lunch and opt for a local Lebanese restaurant that uses all natural, fresh ingredients and ordered the chicken pitza, which is delicious, but they sat me right in front of the cake display. Apparently, I had left my willpower at home this morning. Even the price tag at $6.25 a slice wasn't enough to deter me. One chocolate decadence to go please....

It was sooooo good. But we're going to the movies tonight and then dinner after. So do I compromise and have popcorn and no dessert at dinner? Oh and probably a salad... Or do I just say to Hell with it, YOLO?!


I shall pay my penance at some point. I may not be quite up to 5K yet, and I wasn't going to start running again until next week, but maybe I will take some time and hit the gym this weekend... (who am I kidding, you and I both know I am not taking time out at the weekend to go to the gym!) 

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