Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tooth Fairy is on her last warning!!

So this morning has not been good. I went to sleep around 10pm, after a long phone call with a friend, but was woken at midnight by a horrendous summer thunderstorm. I'm astrophobic, so naturally I was a quivering wreck for the entire duration... which was well over an hour! I kinda dozed off again around 3am, and my alarm went off around 4:30am... I woke up groggy and did my usual morning wake up ritual: check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email, then got up and dressed around 5:45. I made my lunch and woke Baby Girl at 6:15 and made sure she was up before I left the house for the gym.... I had a niggling feeling that today was not going to be a good day.

I had a good workout, but since I had got there a little later than usual, I had to cut my cardio time. As I was showering I realised I had left my razor at home... and I had brought a dress for work :-\ Then as I was putting my makeup on, I get a text from Baby Girl "I missed the bus", the neighbour who would normally take her for me was not home, so I tell her to give me 20 minutes, throw all my stuff back in my bag and put my dress on. Somehow, it's now too short and I remember that I picked it out of the basket with all the other recently dried clothes - not on the clothes horse where I usually hang it. Someone (Baby Girl) had not hung it and it had shrunk slightly. So. Now I have stubbly legs and a too short dress... Good thing I have to go back home. I text her on my way to make me a cup of tea in my travel mug, but arrive to find that my teen who is ALWAYS on her phone, did not get that text message.


I go upstairs to change into trousers and both boys are awake and watching TV. So the baby comes in my room, all proud of himself and announces that his tooth came out. Last night. And he still has it. Because the tooth fairy didn't come.


So I think fast and respond with "when did it fall out? Did you put it under your pillow?" He says yes, so I say "Well, there was a huge storm last night, so maybe she couldn't make it. Put it under there tonight, I'm sure she'll come" And then an epiphany. "Did you lose it before you went to bed?" "No, I woke up and pulled it out" "Ahhhhhh.... well, if you had already slept, then you have to wait for tonight.... She needs notice of a lost tooth, it doesn't count if you're already in bed asleep" "Oh ok. I'll leave it here until later" And places it on my nightstand.

Seriously. This tooth fairy, Santa Claus crap is exhausting!

Baby Girl got the riot act read to her on the way to school. An accident on the way to the office delayed me even further. There is not enough wine in my fridge to get me to Friday!!

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