Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school! Day 1

Alas, it had to happen... School is back in session. Now most Stay At Home Moms love this time of year. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to not have to pay for full time care, however.... Back to school means paperwork, school lunches, early mornings with non-morning lil peeps, missed school buses, homework etc etc....

This year I am determined to get off to a good start and keep it going straight through to June. Monday started off well. I got all the kids up and dressed and left the house at a reasonable time. The plan was to drive the boys in for their first day since we didn't know who their teachers were (I'm not getting in to why we had to miss the Popsicle-Pop-In on Friday, but let's just say their dad has issues). We got to school about 2 minutes before the bell, but spent 5 minutes trying to park... Generally speaking though, the day went well, but then I remembered that I hadn't enrolled them in After school.... So I call their daycare and am told that they are unsure if they have any spaces and would have the owner call me at 9am. At 9am, the daycare director calls and confirms that she had held their spaces. Yay! Win #2.

After school is a mess! I have to pick the boys up and get to their sister who stayed late for volleyball tryouts. I'm more nervous than she is (mostly because I'm not good with tears if she doesn't make it again like last year). We get to her school, I'm on the phone with my sister in the UK and then my security company calls. My younger sister ignored my text to NOT enter the house since it is armed. Third alarm she has triggered in her 3 month visit. <sigh>

The evening consisted of filling out the same forms in duplicate for the boys, running to Walmart for new shoes (again, their dad...) and whatever else was missing on their first day. I finally get home and into bed with a large beverage around 9pm, first time I got to relax since 5am that morning...

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