Monday, August 19, 2013

So I don't know where to go from this weekend.

Firefighter requested several weeks ago to return to the previous 'casual' status of our relationship. Which was fine with me. However, this week (for nine whole days!) I am without the boys. It's just us girlies, my daughter, my sister and myself. So, Saturday we had planned to drive down to his friend's house at the beach to visit with them and their new daughter (who is now 7 months old and not exactly 'newborn'). Firefighter asked me to pick up some gifts because "I'm good at that sort of thing", so Friday afternoon, off I trot to Saks. I picked up a book, The Velveteen Rabbit, with matching rabbit cuddly toy and a Ralph Lauren dress. For mum, I bought Kiehl's shower gel and body lotion. Of course, I had Saks gift wrap it all for me. I told Firefighter he owed me $30 (It was more like $120, but what he doesn't know...). So Friday, I rush around trying to pack an overnight bag, sort the boys out for their week with their dad, pick up snacks for Baby Girl and her friend who was sleeping over and then head out the door. I was feeling pretty rough from the head cold I'd had all week, so on the way to Firefighter's place, I stop at the store for salad, wine and Dayquil!

Now, a few months ago, Firefighter and I had talked about fantasies. I've fulfilled most of mine, lol, but he's very reserved, but he had said that he had a thing about school girl uniforms and nurses. Well, I had gone to a British school, which of course had a uniform. I mentioned it at the time, but it never came up again. So this weekend, I figured what the Hell. He had had pneumonia and it had been over two weeks since we'd had any sex. We were both trying to be 'normal' Friday night, but around 9pm, he claimed exhaustion and wanted to go to bed, so I said let me go to the little girl's room... I came out wearing my "Whorey Potter" Halloween costume (so called by me, because of it's ridiculously short length on my ridiculously long legs!). Now, remember, he's very reserved. We once watched a show where two people literally jumped each other and he made a statement along the lines of "that doesn't really happen, does it?" I said "sure it does". Well, when I came out that bathroom... let's just say, he'd never physically grabbed me before. I'd also had a Brazilian wax the day before. It was amazing and he enjoyed EVERY second of it. We will be doing that again...

We both woke early Saturday. Around 6am. So we lounged around for a bit and got up around 7am. Ok, he did. My happy little butt was told I could stay in bed if I wanted ;-) He said we'd go out for breakfast, since he hadn't gone to the store, but he asked if I wanted coffee, knowing I don't drink it. Then he said "Or tea. I got the tea that you like..." I was rendered speechless. Earl Grey is not cheap, and he is typically frugal (I hate the toilet paper he buys!) I eventually managed a "Sure". We dress and head for Breuggers for bagels. We get in line, I order first, and I tell him I'll get it. He said "No, I will". I didn't argue.

So the drive was comfortable, we chatted off and on. No awkward silences. He told some funny anecdotes about he and his friend and warned me that he was very much stuck on whether a person has gone to college. I went, but didn't finish, but I do ok for myself as far as my career goes, I'm way beyond where I ever thought I would be, so we joked it would be awesome for him to ask, because I am the exception to the rule that his friend applies to people without college educations. We arrive and meet the gorgeous little girl. I was smitten immediately!! She stared at Firefighter, lil flirt! But we played on the floor. They were worried because she wasn't crawling yet, so I reassured them that maybe she will walk straight away like my daughter did, but when I played with her on the floor, it wasn't that she couldn't crawl, but that she couldn't get traction on the floor!!

The guys did a lot of catching up on who was doing what now, the question of how we met came up - we really need to work on that story. His friend gave us vacation suggestions and told us we should plan a getaway... It's so hard to have a conversation with people who think we're in a relationship, when we know otherwise. They seemed to already know a lot about me, but they were polite and asked a few questions anyway. So I answered the questions about my job, yes I'm a homeowner, the ages of my kids etc etc....


He didn't ask about my college degree!

We laughed about it on the way home. I was so disappointed!! They made plans to come up for Firefighters's 40th in December. I was careful to stay out of that conversation. Who knows where our relationship will be in 3.5 months.

The drive back was quick, but we were both completely shattered as we hit Raleigh. We had planned to grab a bite to eat and head to my friend's leaving shin-dig, but once we'd sat down, it was pretty much game over. On the way in to town, he said I could get online with his wifi, and then asked if I needed to pick my laptop up, so I said, no I always lock it in my trunk since I never know if I'm going to get paged for an emergency, so he said "OK cool". I had actually been planning to go home after the party... My first clue he'd expected me to stay was that morning, but I'd kind of brushed it off. After my shower, I had asked if he wanted me to throw my towel in the machine, he had said "Aren't you going to use it tonight?" I assumed he meant before the party... By 9, we were both in bed, I set my alarm for 12:15am and I'm fairly sure was knocked out by 9:05. I woke at 12:10am and went in to the other room to get online. My back was hurting from the drive, so I sprawled on the floor. He got up around 1am and got a snack, asked if I had much longer and then went back to bed. I was done by 2:30am, but when I went back to bed, my back was spasming so bad I couldn't sleep and I hadn't brought any meds with me (thinking I was going home). I must have fallen asleep eventually, but it had to have been close to 4am, so when I woke, he was already up and it was 8:45. He'd closed the bedroom door, but came in around and told me I could stay in bed when I said I needed to get up. He'd already been to the store, he said, and done his tidying up. I waited 10 minutes and then couldn't stay in bed any longer.  He made me breakfast. Waffles, with my favourite tea. It seems like such a small thing, but it was strange. He was also making meatballs. I LOVE meatballs, lol. The sensible, sane part of me says, it's no big deal. He had picked up a movie for us to watch... after lunch he said. After previous sleepovers, I was usually gone before lunch. When I said I would leave around 5 to go get dinner, I was told "Why? Have some more meatballs here." So after some afternoon 'delight' we had dinner and caught some of the game, but then I had to leave around 8pm to get my daughter ready for school.I was home and in bed by 8:30.

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