Thursday, August 15, 2013

There is no I in TEAM

Have you ever worked with that person who sits in every meeting and at every opportunity talks up what THEY have done in a previous position? You know, the "I built some code...." or "I wrote a document....", "In my last position I.....".... Ugh!!

So I went to look at the documents this person 'wrote'. They were copied from Microsoft's sites....

I know, I know, I sound like a petty, jealous child, but honestly, that is not it! I have worked with SharePoint for a number of years (I won't mention how many because it makes me realise my age), but I have actually got more years of IT experience and have done so much more on my own that to see someone else bragging about what they have done, and knowing that it came from other sources is beyond frustrating! I have not yet heard her say 'we' in reference to any achievements. This does not bode well for a team player.... I intensely dislike narcissism in all it's forms. It's not all about you. I'm sorry.

I've been at this company for a couple of months now, on an 18 month contract and rather flatteringly, I was asked this morning what my plans were at the end of the contract, would I be interested in being brought on permanently, so I had a candid conversation with my manager and let him know that I would. So he's getting the ball rolling on getting me in the budget for next year. Awesome.

But this other person, who isn't on my team, needs to adjust her language and her thinking. We are a team, there is no 'I'. We are all here for a greater good.

Of course, on a selfish note, she has had to come to me for simple answers a number of times, and has deferred to me on decision-making despite having the higher pay-grade.... We'll see how it goes, but I know I for one, will be driven crazy if I have to hear about her accomplishments... that she's plagiarized from various sources and probably previous co-workers too....

Smh. Time will tell

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