Friday, January 31, 2014

Numero Uno

Putting myself first has certainly been eye-opening. I hadn't realised just how much of myself had been lost.

I love getting out! And thanks to Ms Pope, I actually have someone to get out with!! I hate that I don't have a special someone to make our threesome, four, but all in good time. And Mr Pope (I need a better name for him) is awesome. I sincerely hope that they go the distance because he is perfect for her.

It hurts that another very good friend of mine seems to have dropped the friendship, despite my having reached out a few times, but it appears to be her decision to end it. I have missed her terribly, but they say people come and go for a reason and she decided that it was time to go.

So anyway, I have started finding ways to get out and I have gotten used to going solo. Firefighter is still there, in the background, but it needs to be his decision on how far in the background he is. We're going to a Tyler Perry play tomorrow that I'm actually a little nervous of. It very closely mirrors my life and I tried to discourage him from going, but he had accepted back in December and still wants to go. Our Pastor at church tends to echo what's going on in my life as well, which has been very useful in helping me get to where I am today mentally and emotionally. I just don't want him thinking I had ulterior motives in inviting him, I just truly enjoy his company.

The next couple of months include movies, dinners, plays, jazz concerts and hopefully a couple of trips out of town.

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