Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Curiouser and curiouser

Douchebag was back in court Monday and although I was subpoenaed I opted not to go as the DA hadn't called me, so I assumed it was just going to be continued. Again.

And it was, but when I went to the court website to look for the new date yesterday, it wasn't updated and they're usually pretty good about keeping it current on a daily basis, so I waited until mid-afternoon and called to speak to the DV court clerk. She's awesome and over the last 12 months or more I've spoken to her several times. She was the one in fact who told me that Douchebag is not particularly popular in the courthouse. She remembered the case and grabbed the notes, but said that she hadn't been able to calendar a new date because the DA had made a note:

"Wow! Need more time. New witnesses in Raleigh PD need to be subpoenaed"

So now we're both intrigued. Douchebag was arrested in Wake Forest and transported straight to the jail downtown... What on earth could Raleigh PD bring to the case? They are witnesses for the Prosecution. I haven't yet spoken to the DA at all. Or not since the case went to court last year. So I have to wait until Friday afternoon, when the DA calendars the hearing, but the clerk did say that it's unlikely to get continued too many more times so I should get closure by at least March... which is when the current restraining order expires. She's totally awesome and said she'll find out what she can about RPD's involvement.

Thinking back over all the times I've called the police in the last 8 years, they were all incidents where he had hit me or caused some kind of trouble, including violating the protective order. So now I have to wonder what will happen. If he gets serious jail time that's a huge hit to me financially. He's playing mind games with Bad Boy again, and is allegedly planning to file for custody (this still makes me laugh though as the likelihood of him succeeding at this point is so remote), but it's still an inconvenience and annoyance to have to wait so long for justice to be served.

The last 4 or 5 months have worn me out. I'm ready for it to be done so I can move on. I hate that he still has so much control over me. I hate even more that he has taken away every support I had to help me get through. I hate even more having to struggle through alone. I hate hearing "you'll manage, you're strong", when all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and cry. I hate pretending I'm ok because no one really wants to help anyway. But I just keep smiling.... and pretending.

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