Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What. A. Weekend!

It was fabulous.

I can't say anything much more than that! I had been looking forward to it since Monday night when it all came together and I got tickets to one of the HOTTEST games of the year. The San Francisco 49ers playing in a Divisional Playoff game against the Carolina Panthers, right here in North Carolina. So I bought two tickets and spent the next 24 hours agonizing over who to take with me.

I didn't want to take one of the new guys I had just met, because well, a weekend away after only a couple of dates? Uhhhh... no. Even though one of them is a Niners fan too, I just wasn't ready to spend all that time with someone I'm not 100% convinced I really like a whole lot. I seem to have become fussy!! No longer content to just settle on the first guy who lavishes flattering words on me. The other option of course was Firefighter. Not a Niners fan, he was very supportive of me during the last two seasons.... And I like his company, but did I really want to spend that money on him? Meh... And finally, there was Vegas, a guy I met on my way home from San Francisco in 2012, he's also a huge Niners fan, but much older and I'm not sure I really want to date anyone more than 8 years older than me....

So Firefighter it was. I kinda asked him in a roundabout way and let him know that he wasn't my only option. I refused to tell him how much the tickets were, but appeased him by letting him pay for dinner. He got off cheap!

I picked him up a little earlier than planned and hit the road at the tail end of a nasty storm, but the drive was quiet. Literally. Very few cars and very little talking, but that's how I am on the road. I get in the zone.

We arrived at our hotel and had an awesome 2 room King suite. Dropped our bags and headed to Jocks and Jills to watch the game. Firefighter made a joke about should have brought his gun since I was wearing the Kaepernick shirt he bought me for Christmas, but then we walked inside and saw a sea of Niners fan :-)

That shut him up.

We had appetizers during the first game and ordered dinner during the second. And had amazing conversation the whole time. I think maybe the no texting is working for us since we now have more to talk about in person.

I always like that we are totally comfortable on the couch under a blanket watching TV or a movie. I have never been so happy doing absolutely nothing. One thing Douchebag did not like to do was just sit and watch TV with me. Firefighter and I have just the right amount of 'excursions' to make the lazy weekends enjoyable. We were in bed by 10pm, lol. What a pair of oldies!! Of course we didn't go straight to sleep, but I'm saving those details for myself.

Sunday dawned beautiful and sunny, we breakfasted early, chilled in our suite watching old Law and Order's before heading for the Lynx train to downtown.... where we stepped off behind the Westin, which just happened to be where the Niners were staying and they were leaving as we walked up!! An omen perhaps?

Yes!! We tailgated with a large contingency of Niner's "Spartans" out of Georgia and THE Dr John York, former owner of the Niners showed up to hand out terror towels!! I stood barely half a foot away while he handed me one of the last ones!

I won't dissect the game. All you really need to know is that the Niners won! Perfect end to a stunning weekend! The drive back was 3.5 hours, not 2, but it was peaceful. You know that moment when you can sit next to someone for 3+ hours and barely speak, but still be ok with it.... yeah, like that :-)

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