Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Curly, I love you...

Curly is my big sister. I can't remember the name of the guy who gave her the nickname Curly Joe, but I have faithfully kept to it since we were in our teens. Anyway, she is a happily married mother-of-three who now enjoys listening to my antics as I adjust to having to date again. I think she secretly enjoys her normally confident and somewhat strong-willed lil sis fretting over whether or not he likes me.... So anyway, after a heart-to-heart last night, she finally put things into perspective for me. I am dating a guy who is very much like my sister and since I love her to pieces and wouldn't change who she is, I guess I was fussing over nothing. My sister and I are polar opposites and have always gotten along (except the usual sibling falling outs). She is down-to-earth and sensible, I'm a little off-the-wall and crazy. She grounded me as a child growing up, I taught her to live a little and get into trouble. It's not a bad thing to be dating someone so similar to someone I love so much.

 So I wanted to send a shout-out and let her know she is awesome!

We talk more now as adults. Well, ok, so I do most of the talking, but she is the best friend and sister I could possibly have. Even when I call her way past her 9pm bedtime, she patiently listens to me over-analysing 'does he like me' dilemmas. She knows all my secrets and I know some of hers, but she never judges. And when I desperately needed someone yesterday, she was there, as always.

I should probably also give props to my awesome brother-in-law, who was very patient with me keeping her on the phone so long. Much appreciated!

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