Monday, April 22, 2013

I did it! Yay!!

I am so proud of me!! Yes, I spent an excruciating afternoon Saturday recovering, but it was so worth it!! I finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes, pretty much spot on my goal pace of 12:30mins/mile and I was not LAST! I came in 3206 of the 3288 who finished, which sounds horrendous, but 5000 turned up, so I think I did pretty damn good to finish!

I managed to stop at the ABC store and Harris Teeter on the way home, despite tears in my eyes. Some serious pain in my back and legs and Plantar Fasciitis in both feet made it difficult to walk, but I met the challenge and that was the most important part. However, that being said, I would much rather endure natural childbirth again before that pain... I'm still a little sore and had to change my heels for flip flops today, but we'll see how much damage was done when I go for an ortho checkup tomorrow.

That being said, I signed up for the Raleigh Color Vibe in June today ;-)

And my firefighter was awesome. I crashed at his place Friday since he lives closer to the course, and he was totally ok with me falling asleep shortly after dinner, lol. And then made sure I was up and hydrated around 5:30am. I should have accepted his offer to come out and support me, but it was cold and would have been boring for him to sit and wait. Look at me being considerate! Idiot! I could barely make it back to my car to drive home! The kids had stayed at a neighbour's house, so all I had to worry about was getting home to shower.... that was another challenge all on it's own! I really wanted to wash my hair too, but with every muscle literally screaming at me, I gave up and laid down for a nap before my firefighter came with movies.... we watched Sinister, which oddly did not frighten me as much as I thought it would (awesome movie, highly recommend it). And then I ordered pizza... should have let him get the damn door. I swear it took several minutes for me to shuffle over and open it. The pizza guy knocked like 3 times!

The kids elected to sleepover Saturday night as well, so I was tucked up in bed by 8 after taking an anti-inflammatory AND a pain killer, I still woke at midnight in no small amount of pain! I woke again at 7am feeling slightly more human and was able to go to the bathroom without crying, but after brushing my teeth, I crawled back into bed to await my firefighter who was bringing me breakfast. It was 12:30 before I was able to make it to the shower.... By 6pm I was relatively 'normal' and cooked us dinner before the kids came home, but that was all I could take and was back in bed and knocked out before 9pm. God bless pharmaceuticals...

I tried my usual heels this morning, but before I'd reached the first traffic light, I had switched to flip flops. With a beautiful week of weather predicted, I'm sure I'll be back out before the end of the week... Providing the specialist doesn't ground my stubborn ass....

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