Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby girl is growing up

Mixed emotions this week. My Baby girl is turning 13 tomorrow. I'm so proud to see her growing up and become a young lady and yet traumatised by the thought that I'm old enough to have a teen.... who has a boyfriend. Well.... she says they're not, but I wish I had a friend who was a boy in middle school who gave me Valentine's Day gifts... I never got Valentine's Day gifts in grade school. Actually, I've rarely had Valentine's gifts...

So this is my last day as a mother of three children... tomorrow I will have an adolescent, 3 years away from her first drivers license, 5 years away from her first vote, first legal drink (yes, I will be taking her to England for her 18th!) etc, etc.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She gave me the name of a video game. That her baby brother wants. SMH. She has the most generous soul when it comes to her brothers.

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