Friday, April 19, 2013

Momentary loss of judgement?

So September 29 2012, I completed my first 5k in about 17 or 18 years. I did it in 27 minutes, which I was pretty impressed with! Shortly thereafter a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless suggested I take part in the UNC TarHeel 10 Miler with her on April 20 2013. Like an idiot and still feeling invincible after the charity run in September, I paid the $45 fee and signed up...

What in the WORLD was I thinking??

So I kinda half-heartedly began training. And by training I mean doing a short core workout at home, maybe a short 2 mile run until the weather got too cold, sometimes made it to the gym... In January, while working on some core strengthening, I felt a sharp snap in my left hip and ended up prone on my bedroom floor in agony for about an hour while I waited for the pain killers to kick in. A visit to the orthopedic specialist and I'm told I've probably torn the labrum ligament... Damn! However, an MRI showed only minor damage, mostly wear and tear and I was prescribed aquatic and massage therapy. Surgery to repair the cartilage damage is optional, but it seems the pain is coming from the herniated disk in my lower back courtesy of my ex-husband. The therapy will alleviate it they said. Sadly, they also suggested that I not compete :-(

The specialist does not know me well. I'm stubborn. So I did the therapy, although I'm not fond of the stench of chlorine from the pool, so I gave that up, but the massage helped and the pain in the hip subsided enough that I was able to put in a couple of miles a day. I still have not made it past 5 miles though. And tomorrow's the day....

So I have on standby: tramadol, flexeril, and meloxicam for pain relief, a heat pad and ice packs, a nursemaid (the wonderful guy I've been dating has elected to come and hang out when I get home) and crutches. Yes, dammit, crutches. I'm determined to cross the line under my own steam. I do not need to win the race, I won't be breaking any land-speed records, but my goal is to finish. Within the 2.5 hour allotted time-frame. And then I promise. No more ridiculous challenges that will likely only end up in my own self-inflicted pain. And I-Told-You-So's from friends and family.

So I've hydrated all week, stayed away from alcohol, increased the complex carbs, but not too much and tried to get a decent amount of sleep (not easy as a single mother of three!). Wherever I finish at least I can say I did not give up!

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