Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Trials of a Pre-Teen Daughter

Ok, so I've introduced you to my 8 year old, Bad Boy, today I thought I'd talk about my 12 year old daughter, George.

What can I say about George? She is beautiful, smart, sensitive, and considerate on her good days. On the not-so-good days, she is, quite simply, a teenage girl: moody, selfish, and lazy! I love her to pieces. I quite often consider her my best friend and ally against her two younger brothers. We like the same TV shows, restaurants, and traveling, but we both also have an unhealthy affection for expensive designer clothes and shopping habits!

I have recently lost quite a bit of weight (40lbs) and dropped from a size 12 to a size 4. It was hard work, and I'm quite pleased with the results, however during that year long struggle, my daughter sprung up from 5'0" to 5'8".... I'm 5'8". She also grew to a size 11 shoe. I'm a size 9, but have shrunk down to a 8-8.5 with the weight loss.... She's a size 2\3 in womens clothes. So naturally shopping for a 12 year old who belongs on a haute couture catwalk is quite understandably a NIGHTMARE!! Anything age appropriate does not come in adult sizes... I recently attempted to buy her new jeans without her present, so I went to her bedroom and located the current pair of jeans that fit her (they were lying in a crumpled heap on the floor) and checked the size: Size 2 Average. Knowing that her legs are just as long as mine, I went with a friend to the Gap outlet. Gap does the skinny jeans she loves so much. Found a 2 Average skinny jean in the dark wash that she also loves so much, checked out and left the store. I may have made a brief stop at BCBGMAXAZRIA and treated myself to a couple of outfits on the way back to the car... but it was snowing and I deserved it for making the effort in inclement weather for my daughter who didn't want to roll out of bed that day.

Monday afternoon, George returns home from school full of complaints about the jeans I had lovingly gone out in the cold to purchase for her. They are too short, the crotch doesn't fit right. So she steps in front of me and yep.... ankle waders. So I send her for the tape measure. Gap Average inseam is about 30". My daughter's inseam? 32". How the Hell did that happen? Oh wait... mine is a 33". Crap, so I spend the next couple hours checking every online store I could think of... no size 2 in longer lengths! Luckily a good friend sent me in the direction of who DO have extra lengths: 35" and 37"! Woohoo! Two pairs of jeans $50 including delivery :-)

But oh, the drama is not yet over.... On my way out of work Tuesday afternoon, I receive a text message from my daughter. Can she get her hair done? Sure I reply, are you paying? Yes. Ok, I'll check Tabitha is available when I get home. Of course I was exhausted when I got home, but I called and what luck! Tabitha can squeeze her in. What's the rush? George had forgotten to mention that tomorrow is picture day, hence the emergency for new jeans and hair appointments....

So the following morning, her hair is done, teeth are brushed, but the jeans won't be delivered for a week.. what does she wear? I look in her closet at the few clothes that actually made it to hangers, and what do I find? An almost new pair of jeans that, guess what... no you'll never guess... they fit, perfect length too.... smh.

The moral of my story? There is no moral. Just a dire warning: Beware the teenage girl... and at 12 years old, it's only just beginning...

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