Thursday, February 6, 2014

Radio Silence

After sending that email to my mum a couple of weeks ago, I had only heard from her to ask when I would be sending the money to my lazy, good-for-nothing sister. Curly, my older sister had attempted to reach out to me via Facebook a couple of times and emailed me about my kids birthdays, but I hadn't responded, so I was surprised to get a phone call from her yesterday afternoon.

Well, not really surprised to get the call, but expected it to come on a weekend, not in the middle of my work day...

And it was fortuitous timing as I had just had a truly awful morning. We seem to have that connection sometimes. I didn't want to talk to her, I was still pretty upset, but she's persistent and kept at me anyway. Until I finally spilled the beans about what I'd been going through for the last month and to be honest, it felt really good to finally cry. I really needed it. And it was only made worse by her saying that she wished she could be here in person for me to soak her shoulder properly. So even though I know the call was prompted  not only by the email, but also by me ignoring them all on Facebook, I still desperately needed someone to talk to. I love her to pieces and I'm glad she's in tune with her ESP. An hour and a half on the phone and I was at least able to get through the rest of my day.

And then Firefighter seemed to be tuned in as well, as barely two hours later I get a text from him asking how my week had been so far. We have agreed that he will come hang out at my place with me and the brats on Friday so we can both get drunk and vent about our weeks.

It was a long day all around yesterday having woken up at 3am, I worked out at 5am, cooked myself breakfast before getting the kids up, was at work by 8am, then met with my attorneys at 10am, which is when things went downhill... so then I went to the mall for some retail therapy, before lunch at Hooters with the fellas... I couldn't face going back to work at all until my sister called and talked me through it. So after leaving work at 5:15, scooping up the boys and then going to the gym for an hour, I didn't get home until 7:30, then had to go back out to the store for dinner for the brats (Lil One also needed some stuff for a project so he came with me). It was after 8pm before they got to eat, and then after I took a shower Lil One read to me (I almost fell asleep) and then I helped him answer questions about Teddy Roosevelt.... I was EXHAUSTED! But for the first time in I don't know how long, I slept for 8 hours!

So I'm a little better today. Still angry, but I have an action plan which gives me something to focus on. And hey... the weekend is only a day away. It's another busy one!

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