Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disastrous Dating

I kinda get a kick out of this now, but at the time I had several WTF moments.

Friday was Valentines Day. I got an invite from a guy I had recently met online to go get lunch, so I thought what the Hell...  He chose a local Indian restaurant, no problem, it's been a while since I had Indian food so I said yes. It was originally set for noon, so I left my house at 11:30, but got a phone call from the guy just as I was leaving that he was going to be late, like 12:30 instead, so I said fine and planned to stop by Jared's on my way to pick up something special for Baby Girl for Valentine's. I got delayed when I got the most inept sales guy (not the cute one), who couldn't figure out how to plug in a code to give me $100 in rewards cash towards my purchase... So I called and said I would be just a couple minutes (it was now 12:20). He said fine, he was still at the house, but said he only lived around the corner from the restaurant so he would wait a couple minutes before leaving....

I got there about 12:35... no sign of the guy. So I call him again. He's on his way he says. Car's already warmed up he says. When he does finally arrive, he's on the phone!! Who does that?

Finally we're seated at 12:45. He's still talking on his phone. I have a 2pm conference call, and it's a 20 minute drive home, so this is already a waste of time at this point.

Anyway, turns out, he's pretty cute, nice guy, not quite the "athletic and toned" that he claimed, more like a few extra pounds, but I'm trying not to be shallow, although the white lie irked me.

So if those weren't enough red flags...

He asked what my evening plans were, so I said I was going to a jazz concert with a friend. Then he wanted to dig and ask details about the friend. Uh. Personal. Nunya!! So that was a major turn off. He continued to quiz me about my evening plans all the way to my car and then made me late for my call...

And then he texts me later wanting me to let him know how my evening went! Including whether or not a I got laid! Seriously?? This guy knows NO boundaries.

Anyway, I'm glad my sister got a kick out of it when I called her to tell her.

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