Friday, July 5, 2013

Harmony has returned

OK, so last weekend I took Boo to one of my BFF's homes for girls night. Everything was fine until the ride home, when she decided to voice her opinion on how Curly and I have raised our children. She was her usual highly critical self, I won't go into details because it will only piss me off again, but suffice it to say she seems to think that she is the poster child for perfect children (!) At one point I had to get 'firm' and tell her that she can in no way understand what my children have been through in the last 5 years so she has no idea how strong and resilient they have proven to be. The fact that I have two boys very close in age means that they make a lot of noise. She detests this. She has also stated that she is not a disciplinarian (I can't wait for her to have children of her own).

Actually, it was this very point that pissed me off the most. Curly spent most of her twenties engaged. To 6 different guys. Not all at the same time of course, but nonetheless, she seemed to have trouble settling. I refer to my twenties as the lost years. Lost on that complete waste of space called my ex-husband. Don't get me wrong, I have three wonderful, if somewhat exhausting, children as a result of those years, but I now wish I hadn't been in such a hurry to settle. And that's what I did. I settled. Even when I knew he was NO GOOD.

So, Boo is only 22. She has 8 good years left to totally screw up before she reaches the enlightened 30's that  Curly and I have reached. I gleefully look forward to seeing what else can go wrong for her. Yesterday she was looking at Instagram and bemoaning the fact that all her friends graduated from Uni this week. And she has to go back and finish her last year. She has also burned about every bridge she had in our family. Most of our immediate family are simultaneously disgusted and concerned. Of course I haven't shared that with her as she seems to fight criticism with criticism. Claiming to know her own faults, she seems in no way interested in maybe fixing them. She expects the rest of us to just put up with her. I still contend that if she doesn't mend her ways, she will be THAT lonely cat-lady that all the kids in the neighbourhood are afraid of.

To sum it up, she doesn't like our cousin, our cousin doesn't like her.
She doesn't speak to Curly
Mum claims to not want to speak with her (and yet called MY house at the weekend to talk to her and has Skyped with her a couple of times - she doesn't Skype with me except at Christmas)
My aunt and Gran are both concerned for her well-being and angry at her treatment of mum.
She is horrendously spoilt, rudely outspoken and viciously opinionated.


She helps clean the house, has boundless energy for when the boys are not 'shouty', likes to shop and drink as much as I do and doesn't judge my relationship choices. Although she does like to laugh at my non-boyfriend boyfriend....

So with one month down, two to go, I think we might make it. George goes back to school on Monday.... We'll see how she copes with the boys on her own ;-)

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