Friday, December 20, 2013

Waiting for the bubble to burst

There's a new guy. I've thought hard about what to name him, but I think I'll wait until I'm sure he'll be a regular feature....

He is 37, never married, but has a 9 year old daughter who he absolutely adores, and MOST importantly WANTS to be in a relationship. I have compiled a list of attributes that come not from his description of himself, but from observations I have made of him during our 2 previous dates:

Sense of humour. Yes, I put this first
Respectful. He has not made ANY inappropriate references to sex
Honest. He has already owned up to and explained his criminal background. More on this later.
Attractive. He has such an amazing smile and means it when he gives it
Athletic, toned. This is important to me because I like to be physically fit and couldn't live with someone who wasn't
He can COOK. No explanation necessary
Has his own home with plans to buy a house in the near future. One big enough for a large family.
Has two cars. An everyday SUV and Mazda RX8 that he races (YES!!)
Is close to his family and places a good deal of importance on family

I could keep going. I'm in a situation where I'm waiting for something bad to happen. He seems just too good to be true. Last night he called and we chatted while he baked gingerbread cookies with his daughter. Yes, he bakes with his daughter. He washes her hair and treats it too...

We went to Champps to watch football on Monday night and we were totally comfortable chatting and joking the entire time.... 3 hours in a near empty sports bar and neither of us can tell you what happened in the game!! It felt so amazing to be wrapped up in someone who was just as wrapped up in me as I was in him. And when he walked me to my car, I got a goodnight kiss that almost had me following him home! Toe-curling. Oh Firefighter kissed, but it was just barely that. There was zero passion. Most of the time. When he was drunk, it was better, when his inhibitions were lowered. But this guy. Whooooo! Took my breath away!

So tonight I'm going to his place. For dinner and a movie. I'm sincerely hoping I can behave myself and make him wait, but I'm a grown up.... Whatever happens, happens. And then we are going to dinner at Fleming's tomorrow. Yes, I was supposed to go with Firefighter, but I had to stop giving him all the benefits that he couldn't even come close to reciprocating. I firmly believe that Firefighter loves\loved me, but he has a failsafe mechanism for keeping it to himself. So I am moving on. I am way to good to be treated that way. And as much as I love him, I can't be sure that it wasn't just because we had great sex often enough to have an oxytocin-induced connection.... If he misses me, he'll figure it out. In the meantime, the search for someone who will love me and respect me and treat me like a princess continues.... with New Guy.

For now....

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