Friday, April 25, 2014


Yes, I know I spelt it wrong....

But it so accurately describes Douchebag.

Summer is barely 7 weeks away and the boys' father still has not notified me of which weeks he would like to have them for their vacation. I have emailed him no less than four times in the last two months, but until this week, I had very little in the way of specific plans for them and so was in no real hurry. However, out of the blue on Sunday, my dad asked to have them for a couple of weeks. I know. I was shocked too! So now, I need to buy plane tickets!

Side bar: The court order stipulates that they are supposed to reside with the custodial parent during their time, but I plan on getting that changed and I don't see a judge having a problem with them spending time with their biological parent - especially since their father claims to be such great friends with him!

Anyway, given that I sent an email on Sunday and Douchebag had not responded within a reasonable amount of time, I went ahead and booked their flights to Chicago this morning.... And then emailed Douchebag to let him know which weeks were still available for summer.

His response?

"I have been quite busy and have not been able to review when I will have the boys this summer.  Per the court order "I" choose my vacation dates for the boys, not you.  I will let you know exactly when I will have my summer vacation with the boys in due time."

So this was expected. And I was prepared:

Respectfully, the order does NOT stipulate that you get to chose your vacation weeks. I'm sure the intention of the court is for us to discuss and agree on mutually convenient plans for our children. I have been patient and accommodating in previous years, however my family has asked to spend time with them and it was necessary to make plans sooner rather than later. I have copied the relevant clause in the order relating to summer vacation below:
1.      The holiday schedule shall be as follows:
a.       The minor children will be attending camp during the summer.
b.      The minor child, Georgia Lauryn Prosse, shall be attending volleyball camp in Georgia during this period.
c.       The Defendant shall have the minor children for two non-consecutive weeks of the summer vacation.
d.      The children shall spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Defendant, from 9am until 9pm, on even numbered years beginning with 2012. The children shall spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Plaintiff, from 9am until 9pm, on odd numbered years beginning with 2013.
e.       The children shall spend the first part of Christmas from the release of school until 6:00pm on the 27th of 2012 Plaintiff in even numbered years beginning in 2012. The children shall spend the first part of Christmas from the release of school until 6:00pm on the 27th of 2012 Defendant in odd numbered years beginning in 2013. 

And of course, he just can't help himself...

Sorry, we don't agree on this - no surprize.  Again, I will let you know when I will have summer vacation with the boys at a later date.

I swear he sub-consciously wants me to win any custody battles. How can he think to co-parent when the word compromise does not exist in his vocabulary? I mean seriously? Or consideration.... So correct me if I'm wrong, but I can find no sentence in the clause above that states he and he alone gets to choose when they visit with him.

I defy him to attempt to spoil this for the kids like he did last year when he knew that we had planned to travel to the UK for my cousin's wedding. My plans are set, plane tickets have been purchased and in this instance, he has no standing. I am not budging on this. He decided to play hardball by filing a Motion for Contempt against me. I will not allow him to control us anymore.

  1. 1.
    extremely stupid or foolish.
    "Lydia ignored his asinine remark"

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  1. sorry you have to go through this. Asinine haha haven't heard that one before