Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On a serious note...

A week ago, I found a lump. Just a small one. On my right breast.

So I told the doctor about it and I have to say I was struck by the doctor's lack of concern. Oh, she took a look, asked a couple questions, but then nothing. So a couple days later, I was back for a check up on the bite (the doxycycline was playing havoc with me) and it was a different doctor. This one wanted to wait until today's check up... but she did order blood work as I've been exhausted beyond belief.


Do doctors not understand just how worrying a lump can be?? I'm 35! I've been checking it 5 times a day hoping it goes away... and since NO ONE seems to be talking to me, I've been worrying myself sick over it.

Oh firefighter is trying, but he's a guy...

Anyway, today the doctor finally said she'll order an ultrasound, which will at least rule out a few minor possibilities, in lieu of a mammogram. The blood work all came back normal, which is a good sign, but I won't sleep until they rule out the big C....

My kids need me.

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