Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy Busy Bee!

I have been absent for a while... I have been so busy, I don't know where to begin! Things that have occurred since my last post:

I was quietly laid off from the job that I hated (wasn't so much a job as paid Facebook time). They hinted at me quitting, but it was their mistake in hiring me, so I held out for the lay-off package. Check for $10,000 before taxes? Yes, please! I was hired barely a week later at a large bank, so the joke is on them since I had at least two positions already lined up. So the check allowed me to pay for a trip home to my cousin's wedding in Scotland, buy a new car, and basically have some me time.

My sister Boo arrived from the UK. I was nervous about having her stay with me as we really haven't spent much time together since I moved out of my mum's 17 years ago, but we are shockingly similar in nature and so far have got on like a house on fire! We spent a girly weekend heading to the beach in Charleston, SC, dropped my daughter off at my uncle's in Valdosta, GA, then headed up to Atlanta where she flew to San Diego for a couple of weeks with her dad. She is sadly not enjoying the visit. However, during the long road trip(s), we talked. A lot. I totally understand her issues with our mum. Having lived with mum, I have been in her shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother to death, but she is the kind of mother who can't let go of the reins... That's really a story for another post, but I will be spending the summer trying to help my sister learn how to be her own person and not let mum dictate what that person should be. It's a fine line...

And finally, I booked a weekend in Atlanta for myself and Firefighter... This will be our first 'mini-vacation'. In other words, the longest time in each others company... So I had booked a hotel to stay at since my uncle will be returning Baby Girl to me this weekend and Boo returns from Cali. Since I have been gone for the last 2 weekends, I kind of off-handedly invited Firefighter to come with me. I didn't really expect him to take the time off work and come with, but I felt I should ask. And then he said yes, lol. So just when I think it's reverting back to casual, he springs another surprise. Well, I returned from the UK Monday, and invited him to dinner Tuesday (it's spaghetti night, no one ever turns down my spaghetti :-)). After looking at the pics of my trip, he asked what did I have planned for Saturday in Atlanta. Well, I have the Colour Vibe 5k that morning and then the long drive to ATL, so I really hadn't thought of it. So he asks would I mind meeting up with his cousins and sister who also happen to be there that weekend... Oooops. I remembered he said they were going, but I didn't realise it was the same weekend. He was supposed to go with them as it is the annual family vacation, but elected not to. Until I asked him. He will also get to meet my sister when we pick her up from the airport and my uncle when he passes through. I had thought to avoid too much family involvement as they expect longevity and wouldn't understand Firefighter's position on relationships, but we'll see. Having spent the last weekend explaining to my aunt the nature of mine and Firefighter's 'friendship', I'm not sure I can pull it off with my uncle... he sees through me all too clearly.

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